Cedar Lake Augmentation Study & Watershed Plan

Posted Date: 10/25/2011

Cedar Lake is located in northern Michigan near Oscoda. K&A provided technical assistance through the creation of a watershed management plan to address environmental issues at the lake, including annual summer water loss and low lake levels. Previous work with the Alcona-Iosco Cedar Lake Association includes a two-part hydrologic study of lake water loss using a mass balance approach. Reports from this study can be downloaded from our technical reports webpage.  A brochure summarizing the watershed management plan was produced by K&A, the Lake Board and Lake Association and distributed to the public.

The first efforts to implement recommendations from the watershed management planning are underway.  K&A has recently completed an augmentation pilot study which provides a suite of recommendations for lake level management.  The study also details the results of tests that were conducted to determine the potential for groundwater wells to augment low lake levels during dry years.

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