Water Quality Trading & Environmental Markets

K&A is nationally recognized for their years of dedicated efforts to develop and institutionalize water quality trading in the United States.  We work with federal and state agencies, municipalities, industry, agricultural organizations, mitigation bankers, and non-profits to develop frameworks and pilot trades for environmental markets around the world.  Full reports for many of our projects are available on the Technical Reports page.

Featured Projects:

Ohio River Water Quality Trading Project

K&A has been providing technical assistance to the Electric Power Research Institute and project partners on the Ohio River Water Quality Trading Project.  This multi-state trading project has been supported in part through grant funding from the US EPA and USDA.  The project is entering the pilot trading phase where nutrient credits will be exchanged between agricultural nonpoint sources and power plants. Project Website.

Nutrient Offset Resolution Compliance in Santa Rosa, California

K&A has been assisting the City of Santa Rosa with total phosphorus and total nitrogen offsets necessary for compliance with an NPDES permit resolution.  K&A has been developing approvable credit estimation methods and protocols for a variety of agricultural nonpoint source projects in the Laguna de Santa Rosa Watershed.  These projects include working with dairies to generate nutrient offsets. Project Summary.

Integrated Water Fund in Lima, Peru

K&A is co-leading an effort with Forest Trends and EcoDecision, LLC to identify common project goals and a common metric for a newly established water fund (AQUAFONDO) for Lima, Peru.  The water fund is designed to fund projects which address both water quality and quantity issues for the water supply of Lima and vicinity with a population of 12 million. Project Summary.

Additional Projects: