Publications & Proceedings

2010 – Present

  • Boyer, K. B. and Kieser, M. S. (2012). Urban Stormwater Management — An MS4 Success Story for Western Michigan University. Journal of Green Building, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp.28-39.
  • Berlin Conference Proceedings from First EPI-WATER Confernce: Understanding the Application of Economic Policy Instuments in Water Management – Review of Empirical Evidence, Experiences and Lessons Learned from Europe and Elsewhere. Berlin, Germany, January 26-27, 2012. Featured Case Study by M. Kieser. [download]
  • Kieser, M., Zukovs, G., and O’Brien, J. (2010).  Making Trades: An Ontario Study Finds that Water Quality Trading is Feasible. WaterCanada May/June 2010, pp. 39-41. [download]

2000 – 2009

  • Kieser, Mark, Jones, Cy, Bacon, Lisa and Sheridan, David (2005). Water-Quality Trading: A Guide for the Wastewater Community. McGraw-Hill, ISBN: 0071464182, 250 pages.
  • Water Quality Trading in the U.S.: Invited feature article by Mark S. Kieser and “Andrew” Feng Fang (2005). Published on The Katoomba Group’s Ecosystem Marketplace website. [download]
  • Kieser, Mark S. and Fend Fang, “Andrew” (2004). Economic and Environmental Benefits of Water Quality Trading – An Overview of U.S. Trading Programs. Workshop proceedings from the Urban Renaissance and Watershed Management Conference, Tokoyo, Japan. [download]
  • Stormwater Thermal Enrichment in Urban Watersheds (2000). Published by Water Environment Research Foundation (# 00WSM7UR). [download Executive Summary]
  • Phosphorus Credit Trading in the Kalamazoo River Basin: Forging Non-Traditional Partnership (2000). Published by Water Environment Research Foundation (#97-IRM-5C). [download Executive Summary]